IKH Diane Herzogin von Württemberg
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HRH Diane, Duchess of Württemberg | Princess of France

Life and Work / Catalogue of Works

Published by Carl, Duke of Württemberg to celebrate the 70th birthday of Diane, Duchess of Württemberg. 
Two precious volumes in a slipcase, illustrating the creative work of the Duchess in its overwhelming variety and originality.


Volume 1: Life and Work – Vie et Œuvre

208 pages
24 x 30 centimetres
145 full-page illustrations and numerous other figures
Full cloth binding

The essay written in German and French – „Die fabelhafte Welt der Fantasie“ – « L’univers fabuleux de l’imagination » [The Fabulous World of the Imagination] – by Christina Ossowski introduces the reader and viewer to the work of the artist DxDiane. A detailed and illustrated biography also gives you a glimpse into her life.

The captions for the full-page illustrations refer to the corresponding figures in the volume "Catalogue of Works", where additional information about the dimensions, technique and year of creation can be found.

In words and pictures, the book provides you with an informative account of the life and work of the Duchess, as well as a representative and impressive selection of the artist’s complete oeuvre.

Volume 2: Catalogue of Works / Catalogue

240 pages
24 x 30 centimetres
Some 2,300 colour illustrations
Half cloth binding with cloth-bound corners

This volume documents all the periods of the artist's work and her many different creations spanning over four decades – from her sculptures, paintings and artwork, through to her various artistic creations, including silk painting, glass painting, ceramics and much more.

The evolution of Duchess Diane as an artist can be traced with the aid of the chronological dating of her works; information regarding the dimensions of the artworks and the techniques used enables art connoisseurs to delight in the impressive variety and expressive energy of her complementary creative periods.


2 volumes in a slipcase
 (plus 10 euros postage and packaging)
40.- EUR

ISBN Set 978-3-00-029557-7 

Both volumes include an appendix containing biographical information, a list of exhibitions as well as bibliographical references, and are supplied in a dark blue, full cloth slipcase with silver embossing.
All sales proceeds go to the foundation "Diane Herzogin von Württemberg, Prinzessin von Frankreich-Stiftung".

For information on where to order, contact Altshausen Palace – Telephone +49 7584 291 110 or ddiane@schloss-altshausen.de 


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